TeamAlert for Risk Professions

The best of us put themselves at risk to keep others safe. If something happens, it's important to act fast

Your own emergency communication system. Stay alert, and send help where it is needed

There are many professionals who risk great dangers to carry out their jobs. If something happens, colleagues and emergency servies aren't always in the nearest vincinity.

Whether you're servicing a machine alone at night, controlling a pylon on a mountain side, or if you're simply in need of a more flexible alert system in your profession, TeamAlert is a good safety measure to bring along.

TeamAlert combined with various buttons

TeamAlert can be combined with different physical alert buttons. Some are small, and can be carried as visible or invisible alert buttons attached to clothing. These can be quite useful if you get stuck in a piece of machinery, work with challenging patients, or often work in situations where it's not as easy to get your phone out.

Other alert buttons are stationary and can be placed on a table, mounted under a desk, or attached to a wall. This makes them easy to use by anyone using the area around the buttons, be it in a reception, production hall or service vehicle.

Simple, Intuitive and Safe

TeamAlert's ability to override "Do not disturb" settings on the receiver's phone, ensures that alarms and SOS messages get the attention of the people you need to reach.

TeamAlert provides an intuitive, simple user interface, at a fraction of the cost compared to corresponding products. All you need is a smartphone.

Getting started

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