TeamAlert for Small Scale Food Production

As a food producer, you have a responsibility for the people who eat what you make. If anything happens, react quickly, and alert the entire chain from your production hall to the stores who sell your food.

The complete emergency communication solution for your food production business

There are countless local food producers in the world. Common for all of them is that they are subject to the same regulatory requirements as the major food producers. This includes requirements for hygiene, production control and obligation to alert distributors and consumers if a product must be recalled.

The challenge for these producers is that it's often demanding to comply with the requirements, and that an updated system to contact and alert the relevant parties in the event of an emergency is expensive.

TeamAlert helps you to quickly and easily alert customers, distributors, authorities, emergency teams and others about, for example, a contaigon or the recall of a product. With a few clicks, you can alert those concerned. Sender and receivers can share information by commenting and sharing images in the alert. Message delivery statistics per recipient and per device are of course also easily available. If there is a need to talk to all involved parties, you may also call everyone to a phone conference.

The service is also well suited for use in a sterile production area. Here, TeamAlert can either be used by setting up an alert button with predefined alert or by setting up a tablet with the TeamAlert app. In the latter setup, anyone working in the room can both send and receive alerts.

Simple, Intuitive and Safe

TeamAlert's ability to override "Do not disturb" settings on the receiver's phone, ensures that alarms and SOS messages get the attention of the people you need to reach.

TeamAlert provides an intuitive, simple user interface, at a fraction of the cost compared to corresponding products. All you need is a smartphone.

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