TeamAlert for Industrial Safety

TeamAlert is the simplest and most affordable tool a business can use to ensure good communication in an emergency situation.

The complete emergency communication system for your organization
  • Cut cost, time and cables
  • Save lives

Cut Through the Noise

TeamAlert is the simplest and most affordable tool a business can use to ensure good communication in an emergency situation. TeamAlert is also unique from other solutions, as it allows for loud alarm sounds which override both "Do not Disturb" mode and volume levels on the receiver's phone, which makes the product well suited in an industrial environment, where noise and ear proctective gear may make the receiver easily ignore other alerts.

As Easy as It Gets

TeamAlert is easy to deploy in a company, as it only relies on every employee having a smartphone. The company administrator simply sends them invitations, which they simply accept by downloading and logging in to the app.


TeamAlert is also designed to make it easy to follow up alerts, by providing a timeline where recipients can add comments and images, and admins and alert authors may send updates about the situation. Message delivery statistics per recipient and per device are of course also easily available.

Save money on multiple services

TeamAlert eliminates the need for dedicated emergency hotline phones, which have limited features, may have a depleted battery or needs to be connected to a wall socket. TeamAlert may also replace other expensive walkie talkie-solutions or pure SMS alert solutions which may be both expensive and not have the desired features, with regard to which members have the ability to send alerts, alarm sound, two-way communication and the ability to get the positions of members.

Take care of your people

TeamAlert may play an important part as an HR tool to secure your employees. Many businesses have employees who carry out work in hazardous environments both alone and at night, when the rest of the emergency response in the company is at a minimum. With TeamAlert, employees can send an SOS alert in seconds, and thereby alert their team about an emergency. The team receives the emergency message and the location of the sender, so they can come to their aid while contact emergency services. Time saved can save lives and resources in a workplace.

Your own emergency communication network

TeamAlert is an emergency communication network for your business. Whether it is a warehouse fire, assembly line accident or your computer systems break down, TeamAlert gives you the ability to communicate with your employees and crisis response at your will.

Simple, Intuitive and Safe

TeamAlert's ability to override "Do not disturb" settings on the receiver's phone, ensures that alarms and SOS messages get the attention of the people you need to reach.

TeamAlert provides an intuitive, simple user interface, at a fraction of the cost compared to corresponding products. All you need is a smartphone.

Getting started

Setting up your company

  • Sign up
  • Send invitations
  • Create teams
  • Download app
  • Send your first alert

After receiving an invitation

  • Download app
  • Log in
  • Accept notifications


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