TeamAlert for Lawfirms

Your employees, clients and records are your most valuable assets. Make sure they are protected by equipping your business with an emergency communication service.

The complete emergency communication system for your law firm

What do you do if your computers are infected with ransomware? Or what if an employee is in danger?

TeamAlert fills your organization's need for an alternative communication channel in the event of an emergency.

  • Your own emergency network
  • Bypass "Do not Disturb" mode
  • Cenference calls
  • Team management

React Quickly

Your staff's immediate actions may have a large impact on the outcome of a malware or ransomware attack. Quickly inform your staff to shut down their computers to avoid further infection on your network.

Emergency services should alwasy be contacted first in the event of a life or health threatening situation, but they may not be the closest responders when you need help. Ask for emergency assistance from nearby colleagues while you wait for emergency services.

Simple, Intuitive and Safe

TeamAlert's ability to override "Do not disturb" settings on the receiver's phone, ensures that alarms and SOS messages get the attention of the people you need to reach.

TeamAlert provides an intuitive, simple user interface, at a fraction of the cost compared to corresponding products. All you need is a smartphone.

Getting started

Setting up your company

  • Sign up
  • Send invitations
  • Create teams
  • Download app
  • Send your first alert

After receiving an invitation

  • Download app
  • Log in
  • Accept notifications


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