School Safety

Our childen are the most important we have. The safety of students and teachers in school should therefore be protected in events where it is challenged.

Cable free emergency communication service for your school

In several countries, education departments are reponsible for school safety. TeamAlert is being tested and used in several schools today, to help them carry out this responsibility.

Specifically, their responsibility demands for an internal communications system which lets them alert all teachers in a school in a way which does not attract the attention of unauthorized persons, while enabling safe and secure communication to improve evacuation or summoning of emergency services.

One major advantage with TeamAlert is that you use the teacher's phones as the alert channel. This allows for sending both alarms with loud sounds, but also silent alarms if the situation calls for it.

The solution also allows you to get the current position of the users, to find out where to send help. Users can supply information with comments and images to give a richer overview of the situation.

Rolling TeamAlert out in a school with many teachers with different phones is easy. A teacher only needs to accept the invitation by downloading the app for iPhone or Android, and logging in. The user interface is uncomplicated and intuitive, and is easy to use. It is also configurable, and the school can specify which functions should be available for the teachers.

TeamAlert gives schools a simple and cost effective solution to ensure the safety of both students and teachers in events which put life and health at risk, by providing a tool with the only goal to ensure the best possible outcome.

Simple, Intuitive and Safe

TeamAlert's ability to override "Do not disturb" settings on the receiver's phone, ensures that alarms and SOS messages get the attention of the people you need to reach.

TeamAlert provides an intuitive, simple user interface, at a fraction of the cost compared to corresponding products. All you need is a smartphone.

Getting started

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