Case study: Allskog - The forest industry

Case study: Allskog - The forest industry

TeamAlert saves lives in the forest industry. Many in the forest industry occasionally work alone and far from people. TeamAlert makes it easy to communicate with the employer, also in emergencies.

An important job in the forest industry is to map out forest and environmental values in the outfield. This means that many employees travel alone on field work, often one week at a time. Usually there is only occasional communication between the employer and the field worker during these periods.

Position and messaging routines
In the mobile-based notification system TeamAlert, the person who is going to enter the field where the work is to be performed, in the form of filling in the municipality, area in the municipality and relevant map leaf number. This is then made available in an administration module to which the employer has full access, and which gives a good overview of where the field worker will be staying, even before the start of the assignment. In addition, field workers can easily report when the day's work starts and when it has been completed, throughout the period. The employer thus immediately knows that he or she is in good condition, every day.

When the accident occurs
If an employee is injured or becomes ill during work, it can normally take a long time before he or she is missed. In an imagined scenario, the missing message can only come when it is too late to save lives. For the responsible manager, it should be a goal to be the first to receive notice if an employee is injured or missing. With TeamAlert, the manager is guaranteed to receive the message - in the form of the system overriding the silent mode of the phone, and in addition activates the phone's light function. The system is easy to use, enabling employers to provide their employees with a safer work situation in an efficient manner.