Security and Privacy Policy

Staying safe not only includes avoiding physical harm, but also averting personal information falling into the wrong hands.

The Service

Our service is hosted in the Azure cloud platform, with all resources located within Europe. The data centers are managed and operated by Microsoft, which provide state-of-the-art security.

To ensure uptime in the event of smaller outages or major catastrophes, our most critical components are geo-redundant, meaning secondary data centers will take over if the primary data centers experience problems.

Your Data

Your data is safe with us. All passwords are hashed, data access is protected by multiple layers of security protocols, and two-factor authentication is available for logging in to our service. While we strive to require as little data from our users as possible, any data we do require is solely used to run our services. We will never sell your information to any 3rd party.

We honor the users’ ownership of their data. Users may request a download or deletion of their user accounts, and admins may request a download or deletion of their company. Deletion retains the information for 90 days before permanent deletion.


Strict Policy

We work hard to safeguard your privacy in all our business processes, and our company guidelines regulate how we manage personal information. We also strive to minimize the amount of personal data we store in order to provide our service.

Together with the privacy-specialized law firm DLA Piper, we revise our guidelines on a yearly basis, to make sure we are doing our best to prioritize the privacy of our users. In case of changes, we always consult The Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

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Privacy Features

Positioning you as a individual is only meant to be used in situations where it can increase your security, and where your position is vital to offer fast and relevant help. For instance, when you send an SOS, your position is shared with your teams and the people in your SOS-contact list, because these are the ones most likely able to reach you.

The strict usage of positioning is stated in the "Terms of use" that your company has acceptetd as part of the agreement with TeamAlert. Reported abuse or breach of this agreement can lead to termination of the agreement and the TeamAlert service.

We automatically delete expired data:

  • Active alerts are closed automatically after 7 days
  • Closed alerts are deleted automatically after 90 days
  • All positioning data are deleted automatically after 24 hours

Of course, only members of your company can perform user positionings.
To prevent misuse, we prevent tracking your position by:

  • Notifying you each time you're being positioned, and by whom
  • Only keeping your last known location, and for a maximum of 24 hours

GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) is a European Union (EU) regulation focused on improving the requirements for processing personal data of EU citizens, taking effect in May 2018.

At TeamAlert, we have our own privacy policy advisor certified for GDPR, and our service is already GDPR compliant.

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